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We have a desire to help people discover, obtain and achieve their fitness goals.

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The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.


Author & Wellness Coach

You may find Moe Sims running on one of the local trails or possibly deep in a relaxed state of meditation, or maybe just scripting a few more lines of insightful wisdom to the notes she is building toward another book in continuance of her passionate pursuit to help everyone she can improve their mind, body and spirit. Wherever you find her, you will find this gifted Author already has over ten years of work behind her in the health industry and is aggressively expanding her career interests broadly across multiple fields of study with inspired enthusiasm. 

During a self-imposed journey into her own health and wellness, Moe discovered a compassionate desire to help other people to discover, obtain and achieve their own health and fitness goals. Thus Moe added personal trainer to her credentials and has inspired many individuals to achieve better health.  The writing and research of this book has drawn Moe's attention and interests into the depths of psychology and the prospect of how closely diet and physical circumstance may play a vital role and connection in our mental health and clarity.


As a result, Moe has taken master level courses in psychology and plans to add a Master's Degree in Psychology to her already impressive list of certified qualifications and experience.  With all that, Moe has already accomplished she has positioned herself to offer what she refers to as a "holistic" approach in her commitment to help improve the mind, body and spirit of everyone she meets.


Your body is your most priceless possession

Take care of it.

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“I loved this book. I was looking for something to help get my mind on track as I made lifestyle change towards better eating habits and this was it. I LOVE how the writer MOTIVATES people like me that needed that extra push to MOVE!! ”


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